What You Need to Know About Two Men and a Truck

two men and a truck

Two Men And A Truck is an American franchised moving company headquartered in Lansing, Michigan. They have franchise locations in 46 U.S. states, as well as the United Kingdom, Canada, and Ireland. Two Men And A Truck has over 350 locations worldwide. While the company may be the largest in the U.S., there are also franchise locations in other countries. In addition to being the number one mover in Michigan, Two Men And A Truck offers services in many other countries, including Canada and Ireland.


Pricing for Two Men and a Truck services can vary. Typically, the company charges by weight and mileage for local and long-distance moves. Some franchises will charge more for difficult terrain, such as tight hallways and stairs. They also charge extra for packing and storing items, so you should plan accordingly. Several factors canĀ two men and a truck london ontario affect the price, including the size of your home and whether you need a large or small truck.

Brand identity

The name “Two Men and a Truck” has been around since 1985, when Jon and Brig Sorber started their business out of their garage with a ’66 Ford pickup. Today, they have over 380 locations in 44 states, as well as Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. To get started with your own brand identity, consider these tips. First, determine the type of market you’re in.

Service variability

While two men in a pickup truck might be the same thing, the actual service offered by each one might be quite different. Service variability is often attributed to factors such as customer behavior, location, and years of experience. For example, customers may perceive better service on a quiet day than they do on a busy one. In addition, service quality may vary based on the time of day and the location of the service provider.


Are you considering getting a franchise of Two Men and a Truck? If so, read on to find out the important information you need to know. The franchise company has been around for 35 years and boasts years of experience in the moving industry. However, there is a difference between the franchises and the actual business. A franchise might have an owner with years of experience, but a small percentage may have just a few months of experience.


One of the most popular moving services, Two Men and a Truck serves both residential and commercial clients. The company offers full-service moves and junk removal as well as hourly labor for a wide variety of home projects. With more than 350 franchise locations across the country, Two Men and a Truck is a convenient way to move from one home to another. Its reputation for delivering high-quality service is reflected by its favorable ratings from customers.

Veteran discount

If you are a veteran and need a new truck, the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK company has a special discount program for you. You can save up to $6.20 when you book your rental through them. The discount is valid for active duty military, veterans, and their spouses. Veterans can also receive a military discount when renting a truck at this company. Just make sure to mention that you are a veteran when you book your rental.