Signs to Look For in Exterior Painters

You might wonder how much it costs to hire a professional company to paint your home’s exterior. Here are some signs to look for in an exterior-painting company. If you’re unsure of your skills or if you’d prefer to hire a person, read on to find out what to avoid. If you want to avoid a lot of hassle, hire a specialist exterior-painting company. It’ll be well worth the money.

Cost of hiring an exterior-painting company

Before you hire an exterior-painting company, ask them how much they charge for labor. This will be a significant part of your total cost. In addition to painting itself, painters usually do prep work, including trimming bushes and other landscaping. Make sure to ask how many coats of paint they typically use. You can get a free quote if the prep work is straightforward. If not, you can request an in-person estimate.

The cost of materials will depend on the type¬†get more info of prep work that’s involved. More prep work means more primer, caulking, and masking paper, which will raise the overall cost. Labor costs are also difficult to predict. An experienced crew can finish a two-story house in one or two days, while a less experienced one can take three or four days. Regardless of the preparation work, you should expect to pay about $20 per hour for labor, excluding materials and overhead.

Signs to look for in an exterior-painting company

While hiring an exterior-painting contractor, it is essential that you check the company’s insurance and license. An uninsured painting contractor can do damage to your property. Another red flag is an absence of a contract or weak one. A weak contract or non-existent license may be an indicator of a scam artist or a bad painting company. The following are some important signs to look for when choosing a painting contractor.

A bad paint job should be fixed as soon as possible. Some paint contractors will accept the paint job as is, while others will want to redo it. Whether the paint job is fixed or not will depend on the severity of the damage. If it’s not, the sooner you can have the problem fixed, the better. Listed below are some warning signs to look for in an exterior-painting company.