Process Mapping – An Important Business Tool

The Activity Map capability of Adobe Analytics puts usage and interaction data in context, overlaying visual representations directly on your webpage or digital property to help you make decisions about optimisation.

The link tracking capability within Activity Map is a simple way to automatically track the clicks of buttons and elements on your website without requiring any additional custom code. This means that you can quickly and easily see the performance of your digital assets, driving better engagement with your visitors, and boosting conversions.

To use Activity Map on your website, you need to ensure that you have a valid URL, as well as some common ‘on-click’ conditions applied to all elements and links on your site (as described in the FAQ). Once you’ve done this, you should be able to view the link tracking data from Adobe Analytics via the Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger browser extension.

For more information on how to set up an Activity Map, check out our Getting Started Guide or contact us for more help.

Creately provides a mind map and concept map shape library to easily build your activity system map. You can share your map with your team to gather their feedback and collaborate in real time.

An activity system map is a strategic tool developed by Michael Porter that charts the activities and processes in a business that are key to its position in the marketplace. It can be used to assess your competitive advantage and to identify new opportunities for growth.

A densely connected activity map is a good sign, and shows that your strategy is effective. Conversely, a sparsely connected map indicates that your strategy is weak or unfocused.

Whether you’re assessing your business model, developing a strategy for a project, or simply making improvements to your operations, the activity system map is a useful tool to show you the connections between your core competencies and the management and policies that support those core competencies.

This helps you understand how your core competencies fit with each other and with specific processes in your organization to give your business a competitive edge.

The map can be displayed on any page of your repository, from the homepage to any collection. Designed to be lively and dynamic, it will display location pins to demonstrate the impact of your scholarship across the globe. The map can be adjusted to show recent download activity or live traffic, and its colors and placement are customizable.

Analyse your data by navigating to your Activity Map page in the Adobe Analytics Analysis Workspace or on the Analytics Reports tab. You can also download a PDF of  The Activity Map report in your analysis workspace for easy reference.

Alternatively, you can upload your data into Activity Map to get a more comprehensive picture of your visitor traffic and performance. Then, you can use this data to drive your digital strategy and help you improve your performance.

Creating an Activity Map is quick and easy. To start, login to your account and go to the Activity Map page in your Analysis Workspace. From there, you can choose the device and time interval to create your map for.