Pneumatic pinch valves

When looking for a pinch valve, you need to think of several factors. There are two types of pinch valves: wetted and non-wetted. You also need to decide which one is best suited for your specific application. Fortunately, there are several manufacturers of pinch valves to choose from.

Pneumatic pinch valve manufacturers are the major players in the industry. The market research study will analyze the competitive landscape and the latest developments in the global market. It will also highlight the growth rates of each type and application.

Air operated pinch valves

Air operated pinch valves provide fast and reliable closure of valves without the use of additional actuators. They work by drawing in air pressure at a pressure difference of up to 2 bar, ensuring that the valve sleeve closes completely and effectively. They have a high rebound elasticity, making them an ideal solution for processes where the product flow rate needs to be tightly controlled.

Non-wetted and wetted pinch valves

Both wetted and non-wetted pinch valves have their benefits and drawbacks. In biopharmaceutical processing, wetted valves can be used to replace the traditional pinch valve in many applications. The main difference between wetted and non-wetted valves is their material. Non-wetted pinch valves use a molded sleeve of rubber or synthetic material, while wetted valves have an exposed stem.


Flowrox is one of theĀ pinch valve manufacturers leading pinch valve manufacturers, and their extensive range of products includes peristaltic hose pumps, dosing pumps, and a whole host of other high-quality products. Their reputation as an innovative and reliable manufacturer is backed by four decades of experience and a history of developing cutting-edge products. Flowrox’s products are designed to meet your specific needs, and their engineers will help you select the right valve for your application.


Beswick pinch valve manufacturers offer a wide variety of products to control flow. Generally, these valves feature two half-bodies. The external half is made of aluminum and the internal part is made of steel.


Neptune Research & Development, or NRD, is a company that manufactures pinch valves and other related products. They are based in Caldwell, New Jersey and specialize in a wide range of valves, tubing, fittings, and accessories. They also provide repair services.

Beswick PV

Neptune Research & Development was one of the leading Beswick PV pinch valve manufacturers. They were based in Caldwell, New Jersey. The company specialized in producing valves, tubing, fittings, and accessories. They also offered repair services.

Series 2000

If you’re looking for a Series 2000 pinch valve manufacturer, you’ve come to the right place. This product line is a powerful combination of innovative design and functionality, and is used in a variety of industries. Its distribution includes the aerospace, defense, chemical, and light industries, as well as power stations and pipeline installation. Additionally, it’s used in medical equipment and agriculture. It’s also exported to the Middle East and Southeast Asia.