My Driving Instructor Really Took The Time To Help Me Pass My Test

I took my driving lessons with Tom and he really took the time to help me pass my test. He was very clear on what I needed to do and helped me build up my confidence. He even gave me helpful print outs to show me where my blind spots were and how to check them properly. He is a great teacher and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a good instructor.

It’s no secret that many people fail their driving test due to nerves. The tension builds as the day approaches and by the time they get in the car with their examiner they are a trembling wreck. This is a massive cause of test failure and can often lead to mistakes being made that could have easily been avoided.

Another cause of failing is picking up bad habits over a long period of time, especially in the weeks leading up to the test. These can range from not checking your mirrors or reversing into a parking space to not turning off the radio and not concentrating on what the examiner Driving instructor really took the time to help me pass my test is telling you. These are all small things but can add up to a failure, especially if you have had a large gap between your last lesson and your test.

If you are nervous it may help to ask your instructor to accompany you on the day of your test. This is not compulsory but it can put you at ease and make the whole experience much more relaxed. They will also be able to give you a quick review afterwards and point out what areas you need to focus on for your next test.

The other reason to ask your instructor to accompany you on the test is so they can hear the examiner’s feedback while you are still processing the news. This is a huge advantage because the examiner will often tell you what areas of your driving need work and this can be invaluable for future lessons.

Lastly, your instructor knows the type of roads and routes that your examiner will use so they can advise you on how to deal with them. This is a crucial piece of information as it will let you know what kind of driving you should be doing and will also prepare you for real life situations such as summer speeders, school buses dropping off pupils or tractors hauling harvesting machinery.

Driving instructors can also give you a pre-test lesson in their car and help you to practice all the maneuvers that will be required during your test. They can go over the Highway Code, the meaning of the road signs and help you to become familiar with them all. They can also help you to practice driving in bad weather and get you used to the different conditions that you will be likely encounter during your test.

Of course, not all driving instructors will want to do this as it does cut down on their supply of work and it can impact their pass rates. But those that are honest will happily do so to help you succeed.