Malicious URL Scanner API

Malicious is a free service that allows users to detect and report malicious links. These links can be used for phishing, malware or other malicious activities that target the computer’s systems and files. This service is very popular among the security community because it is easy to use and provides real-time reports.

Malicious URL Scan API scans in real time to accurately identify phishing links, malware URLs and viruses, parked domains, and suspicious URLs with real-time risk scores for more accurate decision making. It also provides industry leading phishing detection and domain reputation.

Virus Total has a well-built and intuitive API that makes it easy to scan and interact with VirusTotal from a variety of applications. The API provides you with a range of different information about the files and links on the system that you are scanning, such as blacklisted status, external links detected, etc.

Cyren is a global cloud-based URL classification service that processes over 1 billion URLs daily, with 13 security categories for web threats like phishing and malware. The Cyren cloud also categorizes URLs based on their host and content-based features, which helps to identify malicious or rogue websites and enables security experts to make more accurate judgments about the safety of a website.

The Cyren cloud uses a machine learning technique to classify URLs into 84 categories. Each category contains a list of 87 criteria, including a score and a confidence level. The algorithm is able to recognize and categorize suspicious or malicious URL scanner API in a fraction of the time it takes for a human to do so.

ScanURL is another automated URL scanner that accepts the input of a user’s URL query through an encrypted and secure link to check for phishing and malicious file infections. The site has an easy-to-use interface that includes basic “how to” guidelines for identifying harmful links and allows you to share test results with other members.

Using the Cyren cloud, users can also conduct a phishing inspection or a parked domain inspection to identify fake websites that are used for spamming. The service shows other helpful information such as risk score, status code, content type and web server name.

URL Reputation (Terms of Use)

The new APIVoid URL Reputation API allows you to analyze a website through 30+ blocklist engines and online website reputation services to speed up the cyber threat analysis. You can also find out if the website has been reported as fraudulent or malicious by multiple trusted sources, so you can take action to protect your organization and your data.

The API also returns various contextual information about the analyzed URLs, such as category, favicon, first submission date, and more. This is a valuable resource for detecting malware and phishing URLs, and the API can help you build custom software to monitor and control the traffic on your network.