Hiring an Exterior House Painter

If you haven’t had your house painted for a long time, or you’re seeing signs that the paint is starting to fade, it may be time to hire a professional Exterior House Painter. Not only can they help you choose the best colors to match your home, but they can also help you spot any major problems that need attention before it’s too late.

When hiring a house painter, it’s important to find someone with extensive experience. This ensures that the job will be done correctly and will last a long time. A good way to find an experienced exterior painter is to ask friends and family for recommendations or look up reviews on websites like Angi, HomeAdvisor, or Fixr. You can also check to see if they have the proper licenses and permits required for your state.

There are many benefits of having your house painted, including increased value, a fresh new look, and protection from the elements. Regular painting can help prevent damage to the walls from mold, mildew, rot, and other problems, as well as protect the wood from moisture that could lead to costly repairs. Moreover, a fresh coat of paint can improve the overall appearance of your home and boost its curb appeal, which is especially important if you’re planning on selling it in the future.

The cost of exterior paint depends on the type you choose and the surface it will be applied to. Generally, oil-based paints are more expensive than latex or acrylic varieties. However, they offer superior durability and longevity, so they’re worth the investment in the long run.

Another factor to consider is the quality of the paint you choose. High-quality exterior paint will last longer than cheap paint, and it will require less maintenance as well. It’s best to opt for a quality product such as Sherwin Williams Duration or Sherwin Williams SuperPaint. Both products are self-priming, and they provide exceptional weather resistance for a long time.

Before beginning the painting process, house painters will usually start by cleaning and sanding the surfaces they’re going to paint. They’ll also mask the areas that will be left unpainted, such as windows, doors, and trim. This helps to keep the newly painted area clean and protected while it’s drying.

Depending on the condition of the surfaces and how big your home is, the painting process can take several days or weeks to complete. However, hiring an experienced exterior painter can help you save time compared to doing the task yourself. This is because professionals have the equipment and tools needed to work quickly and efficiently, as well as the skills to get the best results.