Emma Mattresses

Designed to provide deep pressure relief, the Emma mattress is an affordable option for sleepers who want to enjoy a high quality mattress without breaking the bank. It comes in six standard sizes and is available to purchase in various countries, including the United States, Canada, Germany, France, and Switzerland. A 200-night risk-free trial period is also available.

The mattress is made up of a top layer of temperature regulating memory foam, a bottom layer of air circulating polyfoam, and a plush cover that is breathable and machine washable. It also features a 3D mesh texture that promotes air circulation. The top layer has a special ParticleCool infusion that helps disperse heat faster.

The bottom layer provides support, and the upper layers are zoned for spinal alignment. The three layers are all supported by a reinforced foam perimeter that strengthens the edges of the bed. The mattress also boasts a cool to sleep on cover that is sexy enough to be considered an actual flimsy mattress, but is actually a pretty durable polyester blend fabric that is hydrophobic. The top layer is a memory foam that has a special infused cooling effect.

The mattress is also touted for its motion isolation. While it doesn’t offer a whole lot of motion isolation, the top layer of memory foam is quite effective at relieving pressure and promoting weight distribution. The Airgocell foam also has a swanky open-pore cell structure that helps to regulate temperature and offer better airflow. TheĀ Emma three-layer design is also designed to help minimize motion transfer.

The most popular model, the Original, has a few nifty features. The top memory foam layer has a special infused cooling effect, and the base is made of air circulating polyfoam. This is the best mattress for those who sleep hot. The 3D mesh texture is great for air circulation, and the cover has excellent moisture wicking properties. The mattress is also small and compact enough to fit in any washing machine, and it is a good choice for those who have limited space.

The top and bottom foam layers are made of cooling memory foam, and the Airgocell layer is a heat-retentive, high-density polyfoam that helps to circulate air. The original Emma mattress is a little less suited for those who sweat more, but it can accommodate sleepers of all shapes and sizes. It is a decent choice for couples who are looking for a mattress that is comfortable enough to be used for both partners. The Original is also a good choice for those who sleep on their stomachs, because it does not sag. Its thick foam design also absorbs unwanted movement, making it an excellent choice for those who want to rest peacefully.

The mattress is also offered in a hybrid model. The Premium version has a Halo Memory Foam ™ foam layer, as well as an all foam base. The Premium mattress is a bit more expensive than the Original, but it has a higher density foam core that offers more support, and a better edge support. The Premium is also a couple-friendly choice.