Condo Painting

Condo Painting

If you are considering condo painting for your property, there are many things to consider. As a condominium association, you will want to involve all unit owners in the painting process. This will ensure that everyone has an equal say in what color the painting will be and who will do the job. Your association should also choose a contractor that offers additional services, such as pressure washing for interior walls and concrete repairs for outdoor areas. Other services may be necessary, too, such as caulking and sealants in common areas and clubhouses.

George Condo’s work

George Condo’s artistic idiom is a unique hybrid of figuration and abstraction. His paintings portray grotesque, tragicomic, and monstrous subjects. He draws stylistic elements from seventeenth-century Venetian painting, Dutch art, and Cubism as well as Surrealism. For over three decades, Condo has been associated with the Galerie Monika Spruth, where he mounted his first solo exhibition.

His inspirations

When it comes to his paintings, it’s easy to see that the artist’s influences span a wide range of genres. His work reflects homages to works by Rembrandt, Caravaggio, and Goya, as well as the work of Pablo Picasso and James Rosenquist. The black insect from 1986, for example, was inspired by Joan Miro. His recent series of paintings, Figures in Motion, shares characteristics with paintings by Willem de Kooning and Jackson Pollock. Several critics have commented that the paintings by Condo display a remarkable range of artistic exploration.

His style

In recent years, Condo has branched out into “drawing paintings.” These “paintings” blend high and low art references. The painting features Mickey Mouse-like ears and references Rembrandt’s Self Portrait (1660). It also uses the same blue-and-maroon striped marks used by Francis Bacon in his study after Velzquez’s Portrait of Pope Innocent X (1953).


Painting your condo can be a fun and inexpensive way to make a big change in a small space. The costs of a painting project can vary widely, depending on many factors. The paint colour, type, and surface of the room will all have an impact on the total price, as will the extent of the work. A Toronto painter can provide you with a detailed quote after inspecting the work. It is important to be realistic about the costs before hiring someone to paint your condo, however.

Choosing a contractor

Before you choose a contractor for your condo painting project, consider how much work the job entails. While it may be tempting to choose the lowest bidder, this approach may lead to sub-par results. Contractors who offer low bids typically cut corners or are desperate for work. Getting at least three bids will help you compare costs and ensure that the work will be done to your standards. While the lowest bid does not necessarily mean the best contractor, compare references and quality of work.